Nichelle Seely and her work are featured in the following locations:
Our Coast Weekend | Arts & Entertainment Weekly

Bookmonger: A Memory of Murder

The Bookmonger, a professional reviewer whose column is carried in the Astorian Coast-Weekend, reviews A Memory of Murder.

Kassandra Lamb: Delightful Deals and Reading Recommendations

Kassandra Lamb, best-selling mystery author and blogger, reviews A Memory of Murder.

Misterio Press

A Crime Writers Interview: Nichelle Seely

Misterio Press, an independent publisher of mystery novels, interviews Nichelle in their Crime Writers Interview feature.

Mystery Writer and Architect: Meet Multi-Talented Nichelle Seely

Lynn Slaughter, successful YA fiction author and blogger, interviews Nichelle about her debut novel, A Memory of Murder.

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

Kindle Vella: The Long and Short of It

The Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers blog features an interview with Nichelle Seely discussing Kindle Vella, the serial publishing platform owned by Amazon.

Author and editor Kendra Griffin reviews a number of Kindle Vella serials in her blog.

Five Vella Serials that Deliver a Fantastic (Free) First Page features Who Wants to be a Sidekick? among Kendra’s top five Kindle Vella recommendations with openings that will “get you hooked.”

Vetted Vellas: Crossover Serials on Kindle Vella that Don’t Cross Boundaries features Inception: A Game of Leviathan among serials that cross genres without watering down those genres’ best features.

Coffee Chat, Authors, Books. A woman holding a cup of coffee.
Nichelle Seely: Reader, Collector, Traveler, and Mystery Author Ally Shields, author of sixteen urban fantasy and paranormal mystery novels, interviews Nichelle.

Investigate With Audrey Lake

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Book Cover of A Calculated Risk, an Audrey Lake Investigation short story, by Nichelle Seely.